Buyer Information
Buyers attending the sale can register at the Sale Office on the Saturday of the sale.


Buyers unable to attend the sale may register for a buyer's number before hand and bid by phone the day of the sale. 

The deadline to register for a buyer's number to bid by phone is Thursday, June 14, 2018.

Contact Jill Pischke at (307) 746-9477 or (307)746-8229 to get set up  to bid by phone. 

Elite Performance
Stock Horse Sale
Contact: Craig Deveraux (307) 746-5690   Jill Pischke (307) 746-9477
                              Frank Thompson (307) 421-1528
All horses will be Coggins and Health Inspected.

All horses will be fully guaranteed for 10 full days.  We represent each horse with complete honesty and as they are, but if you are not happy with your purchase, bring the horse back.  Horses that are returned must be delivered to Newcastle, Wyoming and arive in the same condition that they left the sale.  Horses that are returned with obvious defects that were not present at the sale, will not be accepted back.
Buyers who return a horse will not get their money back, BUT will be extended credit for the amount spent on the horse.  The credit must be used at the next sale towards another horse, the following year.  Credit will not be extended past the next year. Failure to use credit the following year will result in a forfiet of the credit.

Terms &
Payment in full must be made to the cashier (in US currency) immediately after sale.  All payments are made to the sale clerk.
All known defects will be announced before each animal is started.  Every animal will be sold under this rule.  Therefore, no animal can be rejected by buyers when struck off by the auctioneer.
Every effort has been made to assure correctness in this catalog.  However, comments on sale day will hold precedence over comments in this catalog.
Buyer will be assessed brand and health fees.
All horses become property of the buyer when they are led from the ring.
We strongly urge buyers to thoroughly examine the horses that interest them.  They will have to back their judgement with money.
Full House shall not be responsible for any accident that may occur to spectators, buyers, horses, or loss of injury in any way.
The auctioneer will decline any bid made by parties who have defaulted in the former purchase or by persons who, in his/her judgement, are not responsible bidders.
Upon failure of compliance with any of the above conditions, the lot shall be resold by private or public sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such resale shall be made good by the defaulter immediately.

Customers from Canada:
A state stamped health will be available Monday afternoon for horses to cross the border.
Montana Express Horse Transportation
(866) 325-0108  Montana
Horse 2 You Transportation
(385)312-7986   Utah
Warhorse Ranch Transport
(719) 406-9010   Colorado

Buyers are responsible for arrainging their own transport.  We are happy to assist you in this process including boarding and feeding horses until transportation arrives.   

Contact Information of some horse transport Companies.