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"I love the horse!  The sale was very professional and I'll be back next year."

                   - Jeremiah Sears, Idaho, Lot 37  2012 Sale
"Extremely pleased with the horse.  We have taken him to many brandings and he performs very well." 

- Mark Lovitt, Nebraska, Lot 34  2012 Sale
"I have never seen so many great horses at one sale.  Ever.  It was handled very professionally and everyone had the opportunity to see all the horses perform.  When I need more horses, I know where to go."

                                       - Ron Rogers, Colorado, Lot 24 & Lot 30  2012 Sale
"Good horse; I'm real happy with him.  Sale went really well and was fun."

                  - Robert Bugher, Minesota, Lot 40  2012 Sale
"We were fortunate to buy Lot 32 Pines Red Satin (Satin).  She has not only been an excellent pick, (standing near the top of the Girls Cutting in the Utah High School Rodeo Association) as well as a pleasure to ride on the ranch.  The horses in the sale are honestly represented.  Satin, as well as all of the other horses we rode and saw at the Full House Horse Sale were absolutely as represented.  We will be back next year and hope to again be so fortunate." 
           -Brad & Lori Peterson, Utah, Lot 32  2011 Sale
"I love the way the whole Full House Horse Auction was run.  The Friday competition was wonderful to watch and take notes on the horses.  I loved the fact that I could talk to the riders and everyone was so honest about their horses that were for sale.  If I ever need another horse I will definitely return to the Full House Horse Auction and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a honest place to buy a horse!" 

- JoAnn Smith, Tennessee,  Lot 15  2012 Sale
Full House Horse Sale is simply a class act, start to finish…in a league all their own… Truly
The three families that partner in this sale are just great, down to Earth, hardworking, HONEST people. 
They want to sell you a horse that will fit you and your needs.  They are dedicated to working hard to
make sure that you leave with a horse that you will not have buyer’s remorse over.
We found it extremely refreshing that not one of the partners was trying to sell you “their” horse. They
would show you what they had to offer and suggest horses that they felt would fit your needs the best. 
We purchased Lot 24, Tex and Lot 4, Tibbs!  One of the best investments we have ever made for our
children.  Tex is only 7, yet so well trained that he is nurturing and training our 9 year old son to be a
great rider. Tex is as true as the day is long.  I believe you could leave Tex stand for a year and get back
on him and he would be the same horse as he was the day you got off of him.  Texas and Tibbs keep our
boys safe and happy, how can you put a price on that! They were worth every single penny that we spent
on them!
We were in search of a few great horses and we left the Full House Horse Sale with so much more than
that…We left with two truly outstanding and reliable horses that will bring two young boys a lifetime of
Thank you Full House Horse Sale for all of your hard work, dedication, and experience.  We will forever
be grateful to you!
God Bless you all,
-The Mulkey Family,  Bob, Raquel, Myron and Tommy, Colorado, Lot 4 & Lot 24  2013 Sale